about legal document preparation

A Legal Document Preparer is an experienced professional who is authorized to prepare legal documents for a client at their direction. He/She assists clients in handling their own legal matters without the high cost of an attorney.

Since even the best legal, self-help sites can be confusing and overwhelming, your Legal Document Preparer can provide invaluable assistance with legal tasks including preparing and filing the paperwork for divorces, evictions, judgment collections and many other types of legal matters.

judgment collection & Other

Collection of judgments of any kind in any amount throughout the United States

Providing Business and Individual service of process and court filing throughout Southern California

small claims & eviction

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Service of process & court filing


& family law

What is a Legal Document Preparer? 

Divorce, child support, child custody, spousal support, division of property and Department of Child Support Services assistance

Individual claims under $10,000, business claims under $7,500 and property owner and/or tenant eviction processes